Meet the members of the AIM Leadership Team.



Carol Rostucher

carolMy name is Carol Rostucher. It is difficult for me to write my bio on a constantly evolving life. I can proudly say that I am the mother of 2 amazing sons. My youngest son is Dylan; he is 16 years young, an honor student at Roman Catholic High School. He rows, and his quad just won City and Catholic League Championships! My oldest son Drew is a talented artist with an amazing heart. He is 25 years young and currently in recovery from the disease of addiction. There is one thing I truly hate – addiction. I must say Drew’s disease has taught me so much. I look in the mirror and love who I see, I am not afraid to be me, and I do not care what anyone thinks of me. I know unconditional love; I am not ashamed of my children in any way. I try my best not to judge, and to give everyone a fair chance. I have grown and met the most amazing people through this journey. Would I be this person today if my son did not have this disease? I honestly do not think so. Do not get me wrong – I really wish my son did not have substance use disorder. Unfortunately, he does, along with millions of human beings all over the world. This would be why I do what I do, along with all the volunteers of Angels in Motion. We are changing the way those suffering with the disease of addiction are treated, one life at a time.

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Karen Ellmer

karenpicMost of my time is spent assisting with current activities, meetings, developing standards, and working on future goals for AIM.

This is a life that I had never envisioned prior to the past decade.  My son, who started experimenting with drugs at the age of 14, has been in 7 rehabs, 2 suboxone clinics, harm reduction therapy, psychologist/psychiatrist sessions and is currently in a Vivitrol program.

Muddling through red tape, banging my head on brick walls, screaming into deaf ears, and showing drugs’ evil effects to blind eyes frustrated me to the point where breaking through the barriers became a mission. Unfortunately, money is always an issue and without it, there isn’t  help.

No one wants to be a part of this group but the numbers are growing in epidemic proportions.   I would trade this life in a second but sadly, substance use disorder is a lifetime disease. So until there is a cure, I will go on trying to save one life at a time.

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Lisa Kelley
Graphic Designer, Director
Lead Outing Volunteer

meMy name is Lisa Kelley. I am one of the lead outing volunteers, and AIM’s graphic designer. I create graphics and other materials for AIM, like the logo, the website, t-shirts, brochures and fliers.

Working with AIM helps me feel connected to the neighborhood where I grew up, to give back to a place that holds a special place in my heart, and to reach out and show love and hope to those struggling with the disease of addiction. Someone I love very much has struggled with the disease of addiction for many years. He has had some success with recovery, and those times are so very treasured. I believe that no matter what – active addiction or recovery – it is important to let that person know that they matter and they are loved.

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Ronnie Sue Kaiser
Lead Outing Volunteer

ronnieI’m Ronnie Sue Kaiser, the mother of 3, grandmother of 5 and one of the Directors of AIM. I also have a 9-5 job that pays the bills, but the volunteer work I do with those that suffer with the disease of addiction is how I plan on making a difference. I’m bull-headed, snarky, call-you-out-on-bullcrap kind of lady. I am also compassionate, loving and would give you the shirt off my back if you need it. I love sports, sitting with my family and arguing over whatever seems to be funny at the time. If you can’t laugh, you’re doing something wrong.

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Jackie Raftery
Social Media Admin

jackiepicMy name is Jackie Raftery. I have been married to Richard for 30 years. I have 3 beautiful children, (Andrew, Julia and Timothy) and 1 precious granddaughter (Anna). My husband has been in recovery for 24 years and my oldest son has 3 years of recovery. Living in a family with this life threatening disease is not an easy one. But I am so fortunate that they are alive and thriving. With the help of their 12 step program, it keeps them living one day at a time. Along with being a Director of AIM, I work full time as a Resident Manager of an apartment complex. I am an advocate of treating all who suffer from addiction with compassion and love. I am so proud to a part of Angels in Motion, who show all that are struggling with this disease Hope, Love and Compassion!

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Nicole O’Donnell
Fundraising Chair

My name is Nicole O’Donnell. I’m a mom of two – an 18 year old daughter named Taylor, who is currently in recovery and doing amazing, and a 3 year old son, Joey, who keeps me going. I’ve been in long term recovery since January 1, 2009. When I lost my sister, Jessica, in December of 2014, I felt a greater need to help others believe that they are able to find their pathway to recovery. That is when I made the decision to become a Certified Recovery Specialist, which lead me to Angels In Motion. Since my journey with AIM started, it has been unimaginably rewarding. I could never fathom my life would be this amazing by being able to give back.

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Liz Fox
Fundraising Co-Chair

My name is Liz Fox, and I am co-chair of Fundraising and Event Planning for AIM. I am also responsible for overseeing and coordinating the clothing donations received by the organization.

I have been part of the world of addiction and recovery for more than 20 years. With the sudden death of my 25-year-old son in September of 2014 due to accidental overdose, I am now dedicated to helping other grieving families, which in turn helps me through my own grief process.

Professionally, I have many years of experience in sales and conducting fundraising events for locally-based organizations. In addition to my volunteer roles at AIM, my personal mission is to help lead change, through legislation and healthcare reform, regarding the disease of addiction.

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Barbara Peahota Burns
Lead Outing Volunteer

barbMy name is Barbara Peahota Burns and I am a Lead Outing Volunteer for AIM. I have been married for 30 years and am the mother of two – Kelly, who is 18 and will be attending college in the fall, and Billy, 25, who lives in California and is currently in recovery from the disease of addiction. I am also the grandmother of two.

This disease has taught me to live in the moment, love unconditionally and take the time to laugh. Being on this journey, I’ve received more from our Angels In Need than I have given. My life-long commitment will be to work with AIM, helping to make our mission statement a reality.

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