Angels in Motion started with one woman’s efforts to rescue her child from the disease of addiction. While searching the streets of Kensington (a neighborhood in Philadelphia), for her son, Carol Rostucher saw that many other children and loved ones were suffering and lost as well.

Carol began to open her heart to the streets and spread her love where it was needed the most. Her efforts included treating each person as an individual and offering her genuine compassion and understanding, and providing “blessing bags” which contain food, snacks, clothing, hygiene products and resource information to obtain help when they are ready.

AIM Angels In Motion-  group beginnings

 On February 6, 2015 an article was written in the Philadelphia Daily News depicting Carol’s efforts and struggles between the streets and her son. Following the article, an outpouring of help and support came in the form of other parents, siblings, and loved ones looking to help. Through this collective effort and staying true to Carol’s vision of de-stigmatizing the disease of addiction and spreading love, understanding, and compassion, Angels in Motion was formed in mid-February of 2015. AIM consists of a diverse group of individuals, showing that the disease of addiction does not discriminate based on race, economic status or locale. Each member shares the same passion and concern for their community and those suffering from this disease called addiction.

Through the generous donations of the community and the wonderful help and time of our volunteers, Angels in Motion has been able to increase its presence within the Philadelphia area and deliver its blessing bags on a weekly basis. Angels in Motion also holds twice-monthly meetings for the community to help spread awareness about the disease of addiction and offers support to families, friends, and loved ones that have been effected by this disease. 

McPherson Square, Philadelphia. AIM in celebration

No longer do you have to feel alone or deal with this epidemic without help or support. Angels in Motion is breaking barriers and spreading awareness one life at a time with the hope to one day bring an end to the negative stigma attached with the disease of addiction and provide those in need with the proper care and enough love to support them on their road to recovery and a new life.

“The American Revolution began in Philadelphia over 200 years ago. We are now on the brink of a new revolution, one that will shine light on this terrible disease and bridge the gaps between understanding and compassion and love and tolerance. It’s time to make the change and what better place than Philadelphia, the birthplace of change.” ~ Author unknown