AIM Access Community Center 


AIM is reaching out for your support in assisting us in building dreams’ and transforming lives! We would like to have a place for those in recovery to hang out with their peers, find support, be of service, and volunteer their time. A place with no prejudices, open to everyone, embracing of all pathways to recovery, offering a variety of mutual aid meetings (AA, NA, CA, SMART Recovery, etc) all under one roof.

We would like to have a place where everyone is welcome to come and relax, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, nibble on some pastries, enjoy each other’s company.  A place where everyone feels at home, where community and family can come, with comfy couches, tables and chairs, music playing in the background, art on the walls – art that our angels made. A place with a game room and pool table, video games, board games….

Just sit back and envision it – the laughter, the joking, the family ties, and the love. A place were students can come and discuss addiction and what it can take from you, AIM has spoken at many schools on this topic along with educating others on harm reduction and Narcan training. Can you see it, the bonds forming, relationships being made? Can you see the love and laughter, fears and tears, sharing and caring, all happening under one roof? We can see it — but we need your help!

AIM would also like this building to house a phone access line where those in active addiction, mental health crisis, and their loved ones can reach AIM and a Certified Recovery Specialist to discuss their options and be given resources. The access line would work directly with our Street Outreach in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, offering resources, support, education and LOVE .

Here are the services AIM’s Access line would offer to the communities:

  • Assist with getting into treatment
  • Assist those in need of a state ID for treatment purposes
  • Assist with insurance/ treatment issues
  • Assist with transportation to treatment
  • Help with clothes and personal items once in treatment
  • Connect to Recovery Support Services throughout treatment and beyond; support with recovery planning
  • We do not give up; we do not take NO for an answer, that determination is a must when you are dealing with situations that are a matter of life and death
  • Accompany individuals to court, for support and advocacy

 Our goal for the Angels in Motion access community center is $300,000.

Stay updated on our fundraising progress with our AIM access community center graphic!

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Angels in Motion is made possible by donations from angels like you!

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